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This Big Data Corner is the first of its kind. On this page, we aim to start the discussion on the relevance of modern technology and artificial intelligence in the OEHS profession. We provide sample data sets, code, methodology, and references all aimed at advancing our profession to a mature state of data literacy. Where are you in your AI journey? Let us know!

AIHA-RMS presentations

  • AI is here, Let’s get a ticket to ride, Mwangi Ndonga (2021 FTC)
  • Applications of Sensor Networks for Industrial Hygiene and Dust Management, Jiaxi Fang (2021 FTC)

Data sets

  • Using K-Means to cluster noise dosimetry results (R)
  • Using regex and slicing to clean an OSHA data table (Python)
  • Using an API to identify the International Space Station location. (Python)
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